Busy Book

My youngest son, who is 6, said to me, “I want to show you my Busy Book”. “What’s your Busy Book?” I said. “It’s for half work and half not. I’ve got some drawings in there and some maths.” I love the half not bit. Apparently the teacher gives them a notebook at the start… Read more

Them that can, do

As of today I’m going to be lecturing in Design part-time at Hallam University in Sheffield. It’s two days a week of something that I tasted last year as an associate lecturer and I enjoyed. There are a few things that have led to this decision: Learning and being creative. Tom Stafford recommended a book… Read more

Cause and Effect Storytelling

A diagram of cause and effect where the concept of risk is implicit; a lovely way to sell investments as it brings out the game and sense of play. It would be interesting to draw out news events in a similar fashion, rather than most of the infographics produced for news, which more-often-than-not don’t tell… Read more

Attention and Gesture

“To create successful animation, you must understand why an object moves before you can figure out how it should move. Character animation isn’t the fact that an object looks like a character or has a face or hands. Character animation is when an object moves like it is alive, when it looks like it is… Read more

We Watch

One of the things we’re doing at Rattle are once a month ‘hackdays’. We’re doing hackdays to rapid prototype ideas we have, learn new technologies and have some fun.  Previous hackdays have produced things like Wordr, Social Scoreboards, Pretend Fan, Open Plaques and the Job Box.  This month we created We Watch: a way to see what… Read more