People’s Maps

rodcorp has got some interesting stuff on mapping highlighting the way in which space is represented.  This map combines ‘real’ distance overlaid on representational diagram of the tube, showing in the process how some places are within easy walking distance.  Cartography can be seen as an interpretive process which is always being undermined by the people who ‘inscribe’ the city, ie the people who use it as de Certeau states:

The ordinary practitioners of the city live ‘down below’, below the thresholds at which visibility begins. They walk — an elementary form of this experience of the city; they are walkers, Wandersmänner, whose bodies follow the thicks and thins of an urban ‘text’ they write without being able to read it.

Perhaps, though, we can begin to map the City ourselves, the territory formed through our use of space.  R.A. Collins Way Out Map could be the start of an exercise to map territory onto the abstract that goes beyond narrative description to involve visual interpretations.