Are you the new DJ? M E Smith on John Peel Obit.

<a href="">BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | Mark E Smith on John Peel</a>

Newsnight’s tribute to John Peel, a wholly soporific affair, was enlivened by the musings of M E Smith.  My transcript differs slightly from the official one: 

Gavin Esler: "The bit Mark that is amazing just to listen to that tribute of him by Robin Deneslaw’s film, is that everybody from of T-Rex onwards, every generation, seems to find something or he seems to find something for every generation, including The Fall."
Mark E Smith: "Yeah, am I allowed to speak now? 
GE: "Yeah go ahead"
ME Smith: "Yeah, whatever.  What are you the new dj, now?"
GE: "yeah, probably" [Mark smugly gurning in the background].

Peel would have approved.

28/10 Ah, just found appropriate pic.  You can imagine the newsnight audience recalling in horror….




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