being fed by yahoo and google’s new geography

Ben Metcalfe kindly pointed me to Yahoo’s new RSS feed of search items and the features you can use to control the search. Cool stuff with some excellent ways to manage search parameters to get better feeds. Not sure how useful it will be in practice for the *average* punter. I’m using it now but I suspect Google’s alert service, offers similar utility for less effort. Be good to see some ways of using Yahoo’s feed soon – i’m low on mental energy at the moment so unable to do it myself.

On the subject of Google I’m fascinated by their sms service – which searches their database for geo-coded data. You type in pizza Local_query_1
then your geographical reference [us zip code or city /town name] and ta-da! you get results by distance. You can use the Froogle service on there too. Magic! Future Now have a thought provoking look at how people could “geo-annotate physical space” which starts to fill in some of the gaps as to how functional mobile services could meld with more playful and personal tagging.