QPR 3 Burnley 0

An abject display after the 3-1 triumph against Aston Villa.

So where do you start? 24 minutes in and we’re 3-0 down after the referee rejected 2 penalty appeals from us – one was the clearest penalty i’ve ever witnessed. We were shocking. Hit it to Branch and then he’ll flick it on to Blake. This wasn’t going to work against George Santos. He’s collosal. So Branch goes after 19 minutes to be replaced by James O’Connor in midfield. Were it not for the fact that he actually ran quite a lot O’Connor’s performance was like one of those Wino’s who peaks, get’s lary, shouts and gurns and then get’s distracted and wanders off to do something else before getting lary again. This could be his calling in life.
I felt sorry for Robbie Blake. He’s head and shoulders [for a short man] the most talented player we have. He held the ball up well on his own against huge defenders, one of whom, Arsenal loan player Semik, was superb, but was crowded out most of the time. Tony Grant for Burnley was our most creative outlet. If you knew Tony Grant [ex Man City] you would appreciate the magnitude of that statement. He is not given to being creative. Ever.
Micah Hyde hid throughtout the game, not rising to the challenge before him. Titi Camara was bloody awful, McGreal was a thug, Valois was pretty but ineffectual. Duff was good, lanky, rangey and worked hard at right back, I like the look of him.
Brian Jensen came on for Danny Coyne who missed a long ball with a sky kick and was so sick with embarassment at the resulting goal I think he feigned injury. Jensen, his replacement, was good and injected some humour into the afternoon. He knew he was playing for a comedy team.
But for all that I enjoyed the game. It reminded me of home and going to watch games on Turf Moor with my Uncle. On refelction it makes me feel quite melancholic. I feel displaced in London, albeit displaced from a dump like Burnley. London just isn’t home.
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