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Saw a new way to manage tags using an application called courtesy of Tom Coates.  Interesting stuff mainly because it allows you to see the tags that both you and others have used to describe things – a vocabulary.  This means that creating and maintaining a controlled vocabulary should be easier.  It should be easier because you can see what someone else has used or what you have used previously and, if appropriate, use the same terms again.  Be interesting to see which tags are used most for searching content and if this correlates with the most applied tags. 

There’s a project about to start where I work to analyse the ways in which people, in this case journalists, tag their own content from a list [which is a bought in database of synonyms]. it will be interesting to see how far people deviate from the term that is recommended by what other terms they search for and what they eventually choose. If you know the answer to this stuff then you can make better recommendations and thus have a more useful controlled vocabulary.
I’m in way over my depth with this stuff. Need to get some information science or library studies help.
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