Amazon soft sell

Link: Fast Company Now.

Fast Company have spotted the latest marketing wheeze by Amazon [the dot com version – none of the regional versions seem to be offering the same thing, yet] following up on similar ideas using films by Volvo and BMW.  An advert for a new film called ‘Portrait’ [directed by Jordan Scott, daughter of Ridley I believe] shows Minnie Driver in the main role of a fashionista.  That’s nice of Amazon to show quality trailors of new films isn’t it… so what’s the sell?  Here’s the sell:

Indeed, even though I was looking hard, it was tough to figure out what all this was designed to sell… unless you wait for the credits, at which point you learn that all the make-up was provided by Sephora and the handbags by Nordstrom, etc. Interested in buying? How handy, then, that Amazon has thoughtfully provided pictures and links to all the products featured in the film on the movie’s home page.

Quite neat, no?  I’m not sure whether these short films are commissioned specifically by Amazon and funded by the companies owning the products – be good to know what the background is.  What we do know is that this form of advertising is designed to seduce people in to buying things they had not actually come to Amazon for.  I suspect most items bought on Amazon are targeted buys – things people know of and want beforehand.  So this new technique helps to broaden and increase their sales into sponteneous and seredipitous purchases.  I used to be wary of these inciduous marketing techniques but I figure that if it offers up more creative approaches to selling things then that’s positive even if some of these products are materialistic pap.  More fool the consumer.

Be interesting to see if the films produced for the regional audiences are commissioned seperately or whether they try to shoehorn the US aesthetic [and their products] into other markets.