Desperate Housewives

Recently came across John Batelle’s blog.  It’s a great resource for all things search. 
One of his recent posts concerns Tivo and the top 100 shows as recorded via the DVR.  I don’t know much about US TV apart from the stuff we import [Will and Grace, West Wing, Soprano’s yeah!] but was intrigued by the third most popular show…. [drum roll]…. "Desperate Housewives".   Now this is not what I first thought it would be. But my disappointment was short-lived.  The show looks interesting.  It’s…

A primetime soap with a truly contemporary take on "happily every
after," this new hour- long drama takes a darkly comedic look at
suburbia, where the secret lives of housewives aren’t always what they

Looking down on her friends and family isn’t a way of life for Mary
Alice Young (Brenda Strong) � it’s a way of death. One day, in her
perfect house, in the loveliest of suburbs, Mary Alice ended it all.
Now she’s taking us into the lives of her family, friends and
neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V.

The Stepford Wives rebel. 
The messageboards for this show are a riot.  The most popular thread to date concerns the looks of  show star Nicolette Sheriden who, according to the posts, looks old and bad [she looks OK to me, if a little ‘stretched’ in that "grandma does the gym" way ].  The solution?  She should put on more weight, which leads me to believe that the posts could possibly be the product of  insecure [overweight?] housewives…
I can hear the C4 exec on the phone to ABC.

[I ‘m also wondering what’s going to happen to my googled referer stats with this title 😉 ]