Mapping elections


The US election seemed to be a cartographic landslide.  In the original map circulating at the time the thin blue lines around the Eastern and Western seaboard were no match for the red Republican heartlands of the US.   However,
Michael Gastner, Cosma Shalizi, and Mark Newman of the University of Michigan have produced some other visual representations of voting patterns that show a more complex and ‘truthful’ maps of how the US voted, to account for population size [which is much higher on average around the coast], close elections and county results.  This in itself would be enough but they have produced what I think are some really beautiful images. 

Take a look.  This one is a cartogram of the election results on county level which also takes into account close  [+/-70%] results which are shaded purple.  It shows a much more divided America.


As an aside Danny Dorling, an old friend from University, and probably the pre-eminent cartographer in the UK,  has some stunning images of  the ‘connectivity’ of US cities as part of the Global and World Cities Study Group.