RDF Data Access Use Cases

Brendan’s Braindump: Update to RDF Data Access Use Cases

Brendan alerted me to this W3C standards document. Ordinarily I wouldn’t go near such things for fear of some physiological reaction, however, I’m working on a couple of projects at the mo which relate to this kind of stuff [apologetics over]. There are some uses of RDF or RSS here which I had not thought about. However, I hope never to have to think about them again if this is the type of scenario I’ll be subjected to:

Esther, a programmmer for a new social networking site based on FOAF, has written an RDF crawler which follows foaf:knows links to determine the publicly available properties of new people it will invite into the network. While processing a new FOAF resource, it finds an rdf:Property referring to a URI that it has not seen before. The crawler queries an ontology server to see if the property’s domain(s) and range(s) are ones that it has already encountered, so that it can track where it first discovered this property and use the property in future searches.

Phew. And that was one of the more palatable stories. Shouldn’t designing for products and services be based on user journey’s and scenario’s from the point of the user? This recent boxesandarrowsarticle is a timely reminder of the good things narrative offers in designing products and services.