Ripe TV For IPTV

Link: I want my RipeTV? | CNET

This is an interesting start up channel in the US which is aiming to clear an audience significant enough to cover advertising revenue via IPTV and on cable networks. There were plenty of production companies thatgot their fingers burnt trying this five years ago in the UK. But there is a renewed belief that the market is on the cusp of a significant move toward converged media:

Internet-enabled television is a burgeoning market, with several content and technology companies competing for a starring role. Akimbo Systems and Dave Networks, among others, are aspiring to build entirely new platforms for digital on-demand entertainment that will give people unprecedented access to niche content they want, when they want it.

Other content companies are moving to ensure that their Internet video and Web sites are compatible with televisions hooked up to convergence devices, such as Microsoft’s Media Center PC. That way, people can view Internet programming via the television.

But analysts caution that a lot of niche content will get lost in the shuffle in the saturated cable television market. For this reason, it might be difficult to sell advertising against a thin audience.

A ‘thin’ audience? This reminds me a little of Wayne’s World, where a [fictional] ‘channel’ punched above its weight because of its cult appeal. In a converged world smaller content producers could find a loyal but niche TV audience via IPTV on demand. On tap.