SensorfabricMy dad’s business was textiles.  He was a successful printer and wholesaler [a very old school presence on the www!] of textiles in East Lancashire. Last year he sold the business off and now my brother-in-law runs a shop in the old warehouse.  Part of the problem he faced was not knowing how to progress the business in the face of increasing competition.  Price was my dad’s main competitive advantage and that was eroded away over time.  New innovations required huge capital investment and consequently carried high risk for a family business.  This new wearable fabric is the first time I have seen a new utlity for fabrics that excites me.  This is where I would have liked the family business to go… Fabric phones able to react to pressure and moisture and that can be washed and sewn like normal fabrics!  It’s a fantastic development because it offers so much more versatility and user gratification than traditional hard plastics and metals.   A  proper textile phone [as opposed to the fabric covered nokia]. Fab!  Siemen’s, come to Foulridge, Lancs!