Want Some Attention? Tell Your Readers To Go Away!

Want Some Attention? Tell Your Readers To Go Away! – RG News
Seems counter-intuitive at first then eminently sensible. In telling your ‘readers’ to “get lost” you get more readers. That’s not strictly true of course, but Robert Scoble’s argument is that in providing a service that utilises the whole of the web you actually become a resource that people will want to come back to. He cites Google, eBay and Yahoo, all of whom provide a filtering service for the mass of content available in the www:

If it is true that we are inside a rapidly growing ocean of information and that in many ways we are all acting as a second filtering and aggregation layer for all of the content, resources and news being published, it goes with it that those who can ride such opportunity by systematically exploring, discovering and sharing their personal selections do indeed play a highly important and valuable role.

That’s assuming you’re actually doing a good job in adding value as a second filter and aggregator of information for a particular audience. The BBC doesn’t do as much of this as it could. It’s great at providing news but not too hot on actually filtering the ways in which people are commenting and networking the news. It likes to keep hold of people. It would be good to see what the blogosphere editorial line was around a story or issue as compared to the BBC’s and how ‘blogged’ a particular story was [via trackback]. If you’re good at creating and filtering content why not also provide the relationship to other relevant content around the www and allow people to connect, safe in the knowledge that that’s a service and they’ll come back to you for.

So… er… go away!

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  1. Want Some Attention? Tell Your Readers To Go Away!

    An interesting take for bloggers from Technogoggles, but you have to go to the resource that this blog references to get into depth on the idea. We agree with it, here at SE, though. NOW GO AWAY you READER YOU! 😉
    Want Some Attention? Tell Your Re…

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