Amazon rent DVDs

Amazon have started to rent DVDs.  An email landed on my lap [top] 10 minutes ago. Following the success of NetFlix in the US and Lovefilm in the UK and the decision by Blockbuster to rent DVDs by post, Amazon has got in on the act.  Renting DVDs by post is a great solution to what is a widespread inability to return one’s films on time, thus incurring a cost.   Moreover, the reality of  renting DVDs via the internet produces a greater sociability – see other people’s reviews, get recommendations etc. it can make for a richer, if not as spontaneous, experience of choosing a film.   Added to this the  fact that you are aware of being dependent upon others to return their DVDs in order for the system to work effectively means that agency is dissipated amongst the [social] network.  You are reliant on other things and other people. But the rules of the game are explicit and the benefits to playing by the rules are obvious.   Amazon’s recommendation and reputation system not to mention its vast media ID and buy/sell affiliate scheme mean that it’s going to lead the way.  Video store as ghetto for the digital have nots?

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