Amazoning the news

Link: hypergene | amazoning the news .

How could you sustain social interaction around a news story?  A truly democratic Fourth Estate?  The authors argue that Amazon tells the best stories on the web.  They argue Amazon do the best job possible for that medium.  As they say "the web is really about people".  If you satisfy the people’s goals you’ll create a meaningful experience.   Well, what if news stories had all the facets of a successful web site – they were about sharing; informing; creating; entertaining and transacting?  Sharing, creating and transacting are the key goals here over and above print as a medium [though as Metro and Bookcrossing have shown there are models for the circulation of print beyond one reader].  That’s what interactivity is all about.  The examples of an NBA story [gif] and a news story [gif] are excellent.  What both show is that the more ‘food’ [context] you give to users around a story the more useful and meaningful that story can be.  Examples  they use are:

Time – posted at
Rank – how many readers
Rating – users give stars
Popular at – audience that give best review
Customers who read this also read this…
Recent comments + total no. of comments

Added to this you could also have ‘other sources for this story’ akin to the Amazon Zshops and ‘people linking to this page’ [some technorati style measure of popularity on the blogosphere].

This is the kind of news i’d like on the web.  I have the print news for sitting down with a coffee and reflecting.  I have online news for being involved with a story and acting.

[via RConversation]