Discriminating against your customers

Best Buy Co Inc. have been initiating policies to discriminate against their most costly customers – in this case those that bring back more returns, as this story [From July!] states.  Larry Seldon who wrote "angel customers, demon customers" and is a consultant to Best Buy says the practice of weaning out the costly consumers is not new.   Indeed it is an age old practice – from expecting polite bahaviour from customers, to certain restrictions on clothes in restaurants and clubs to barring people on the basis of their credit rating [casino’s etc.] or exploitation of shop policies [returning goods after they have been used].  But if Best Buy starts to discriminate why not the internet stores for whom it would be much easier to sift through ‘bad customers’ via data mining [returns, credit, using bandwidth without buying – photo sites…].  Maybe this is happening already? 

[via Future Now]

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  1. Why buy from them at all as I am knowledgeable of a TV they sold a guy that was dropped in the warehouse and they did not help him one bit to correct the situation- his only mistake was to pay for it by check. He would have had a much better recourse if using a credit card.
    As far as I am concerned they are crooks and I commonly advise against doing any business there.

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