The Real Little Britain: searchable VOD

Link: Yahoo! Video Search.

Searchable video – yippee Yahoo.   As predicted earlier
It’s not actually the big media quality broadcast stuff I’m interested in – I get the news online etc. and watch Little Britain if needs be

via P2P.  No, what reallyinterests me and where I think the main impact of VOD search will be is the myriad of home videos which will become visible. No longer the preserve of friends and family, the sheer quantity will mean that you are bound to unearth some gems. Never a particular fan of "you’ve been framed" because of the guff they wrapped the videos around.  But this has the potential to be far far better, if only because Jeremy Beadle is nowhere in sight. This is the real Little britain, warts n’all.
Now, would Google and Microsoft please enter the ring…