GPS and Reality Gaming

Link: we make money not art: Back Seat Gaming.

I love this idea being devloped at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm.  This, to me, is a great innovation.  Gaming is a good way to pass time – especially when you’re trapped, like when a passenger in a car.  The one constant when travelling, with the exception of the UK where the norm is gridlock, is that you’re moving. The landscape is changing. Changing landscape, GPS and a captive, restless audience = GPS game. Simple. Fab.  Anyway, it’s still in the research phase so I’m not going to get too carried away.

Admission: I’m not a gamer.  I spent 6 months back in 1992 playing Super Mario on a Nintendo 24/7 with nothing but microwave faggots, reefers, and cheap lager for company.  Half a year of my life is a black hole.  Gone with nothing to show for it but some dodgy aquaintances from Liverpool.  I dare not get sucked in again. I’m weak. That said, I love the developmenst in gaming.   Alice has found a funny account of what could happen if EA get their way and move gaming into ‘mainstream culture’ and take games into reality TV land.   Sims on acid!
[via Wonderland]