Musical Chavness

Goldie Lookin’ Chain have now got my respect [woo!]. Their humour passed my by with the snippets I heard on the radio.  But this post on Metafilter by Major Curly has alerted me to their obvious class, which is kind of ironic as the Guardian pans them for being classist [I find The Grauniad intolerably PC these days].

Moreover, their web presence is fabulous.  It’s garish.  It’s flash [literally, and I hate Flash], but it’s fun, funny and offers up the goods with a selection of videos, tracks and the usual gubbins.

One of the comments on the post [from longbaugh] brings out the humour, quoting the lyrics to "You knows I love you Baby" – kinda of gangsta rap parody, as most of their tunes are:

"I’m for real – it ain’t no quirk

My love is lurking the way a rapist would lurk
In a bush, or a car park in town

I bought you this necklace
It cost me 12 pounds

From Argos, Elizabeth Duke

Maybe you’re the skywalker to my luke

The Darth to the Vader

Flip Over the Crossfader

I’ll serenade you with a bag of space raiders

Or walkers or smiths or maybe even quavers

‘Cos my love for you is like drugs for ravers

With glowsticks and funny hats on

I loves you more than I loves my bong"

He adds,

For bonus points go to Argos where you can find the delightful Elizabeth Duke jewellery range where you can use "chav" in the search engine to find a lovely Goldie Looking Chain.

Nice :-)


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