Link: rootburn: Alex: "Two technologies that are going to blow millions of dollars in the next few years…".

At the risk of becoming a miror site for Rootburn I want to second his post on the hype surrounding Podcasting and Mobile TV:

Portable televisions have been around for years and gone nowhere. Now that I can get it at 10 frames per minute on a lousy display and pay dearly for the privilege, it’s going to take off?

Quite.  The fact that you can access time shifted audio content is no great breakthrough either.  I used to record shows I liked and then play them back on my walkman [those wre the days of drm-less wonder].  The technology may have changed but the experience remains largely the same.  It’s no great shakes. 

Where real possibilities do occur, I think, is the in the sharing of experiences [the amazoning of content].  Linking through to see what your friends are watching or listening to, or getting recommendations in real time based on what others are doing.  The whole social software thing, right?  Otherwise the USP hasn’t changed a dot and all those TV execs in top digital jobs [how does this happen..?] thinking everything is just an extension of the broadcast exerience are going to be pushing everything to us again, and failing.  It’s the content context, stupid.