Mass Consumption and Designing for the End

Chris Jordan has some lovely images of mass consumption like this of circuit boards [via spaceandculture]. 

Looks like one of those ‘pictures of earth’ – like technological paddy fields.

Also got methinking about the recent post by rootburn on product design.  Most products do not have their life cycle [creation, use, destruction, recycling] built in.  There is no thought given to the end, when the product becomes redundant and inevitably trashed.  Aside from the odd community and art project which recycles old machines I think the computer industry is especially bad at this.   New chips [and to some extent the belief amongst novice users that software is someone integrated in the hardware] make old systems obsolete with increasing rapidity: the product cycle is shortening despite many machines being perfectly capable of fulfilling all the tasks required of the user.   This makes me mad.  Aside from perhaps video rendering there is nothing that a machine from 5 years ago could not do today. 

mass consumption exhibition