Grr… A Tiger [by Apple]

Bought an ibook the other day.  It’s nice.  However, there are two things that bug me:

1. Apple decide to tell me they are planning to launch OSX Tiger in the first half of 2005.  That means in the next 12 weeks.  Marvellous.  This happened to me last time I bought a powerbook.  It shipped with 10.2.3.  But 10.2.3 became 10.3 in a matter of days and stabilised around that OS so much so that the various apps built for OSX were based on 10.3.  Arse.  It effectively makes your Apple experience that much worse because you can’t use half the plug-ins and extensions of applications.  And that makes me mad with apple not 3rd party developers.  I could have got 10.3 but it would have cost me 100 quid!  Now I’ll undountedly have the same issues with 10.4 because it’s going to be good and people are going to start to build for it.  Apple – make the OS free.  It’s a platform. You shouldn’t have to pay for a platform – you pay for the services on the platform, right?

Ah, the services.  Because OSX ships with these various new services they make you pay for them.  Could we not have OSX Tiger ‘light’ stripped of iLife etc. and you pay for those seperately?  That would fuck with their business model a little because while they allow free iTunes because you are DRM’d to their encoding format and makes you buy an iPod [Grrr] the other apps output in open standards e.g. quicktime and they don’t see a way to monetise it.  But their business model will undermine the trust in their user base over time, I’m sure of it. 

2. So this totally undermines my own first point but the othet thing that annoys me is that it doesn’t ship with a text editor.  OK, it does, in fact it has two textedit and appleworks. And textedit is extremely functional and utilitarian.  But, Appleworks has not changed for years.  They put an awful lot of time and money into developing iLife and those kind of ‘creative’ applications but refuse to spend a dime on the very application that we all use day in, day out to write documents.  Are they just leaving this to Microsoft [and it’s own steroid fat editor, Word]? I know I could download many of the 3rd party freeware products but it just annoys me they don’t have an integrated product of their own.

Speaking of Tiger, I really like the Automator app.  Action scripting for dummies.  This will be a huge help in making simple workflows easier.  But I also think it will help to show how useful simple scripts can be and to get people interested in the act of development, to make geekdom that little bit more understandable. It’s really cool.  You can easily use it to automate publishing of material – like podcasting material from say, the BBC, or well anything. 

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  1. Sadly, Apple put all their recent energy into a new word processor called Pages, bundled together with their Powerpoint replacement, Keynote. Together known as iWork. The trouble with this is that it is not nearly as useful as AppleWorks is for a small organisation. Just one example stands out: AppleWorks lets you create a mailmerged letter from a database you’ve built yourself; Pages doesn’t.

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