Qix: Learning from User Behaviour

Link: Qix™ functions.

Qix augments the phone interface by automatically presenting candidates to the user based on the data he or she inputs. The information used to generate candidates is sourced from a suite of different data stores on the phone

This looks to be a good piece of software that presents options to the user of a mobile based on their previous actions. Theoretically it would seem to work particularly well on a mobile because one of the main problems with mobiles is the user interface being so unwieldy. With phones having greater utility the main difficulty designers have is in presenting the various options to the user in an intuitive manner. This may help. I especially like the fact that you can select the individual first and then select the appropriate function. Doesn’t that make more sense than selecting the function then the service? The analogy is weak but it is kinda like writing an email then deciding who to send it to.

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