Radio Bames

There’s a major flaw in blogging.  Scripts don’t acount for pissed [US: not angry, inebriated] users.  Having just drunk a bottle of wine I decided to post a comment on Chris Anderson’s Long Tail blog about the decline of radio [excellent post by the way]. I thought I’d been eloquent and to-the-point.  On reflection it it was an obvious point worth a footnote laboured to the length of a book and I signed off  as Bames Boardwell.  Bames. No way to rectify that.  Had it been a letter I would have spent more time proofing it.  Posting is just too easy. 

As feature creep comes in to blog scripts you think they’d think of catering for the booze factor [it is after all a popular drug] by adding a function that says "has one had a drink, Sir?".  On answering "possibly", your action is saved as a draft and you’re emailed 12 hours later with a prompt to save your comment / post to live, by which time you’ve sobered up to realise the enormity of your gaffe and you recoil in horror to the pub and the safety of a pint to ponder over the lucky escape you just had.