Vimeo or A Funny Thing Happened…

FunnyLink: Vimeo – Automatic Movies.

I like.  The whole idea of a flickresque front end for video makes even more sense than it does for images because the user tags cover things you cannot see from the screenshot pulled from the first frame.  What would be particularly effective is if someone would timestamp the tags so you could jump to the most appropriate and relevant section.

However, I particularly like the way you can create automatic movies by tag e.g. concert or by individual.  It may be the novelty factor but I find it makes for compulsive viewing even though the actual content can be incredibly mundane.

The question is, as ever with folksonomy stuff, whether the tags are useful as a way of finding content you want or like.  Traditional metadata search used by Yahoo [for home videos] and Google [for TV shows] et al may be more effective.   

Searching for ‘funny’ Yahoo wins hands down.  The others just well, aren’t funny.

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