Geo-ogle: Google maps the UK

I’ve tried to find better things to do with my time lately than surfing memes and blogging.  The clement weather has helped – sunshine opens up far more of the world to use.  However, it’s raining again so…. more Google magic as they map the UK, courtesy of navtech.  As an aside Google are  also challenging yell with a comprehensive local search  – I have a Thai sauna only 1 mile away!  Great utility 😉

So, Google Maps tells me that my journey to work is 8.9 miles …

Start address:
N8 9TJ
End address:
W12 7TP
Distance: 8.9 mi (about 17 mins)

But it also says it should take about 17 minutes.
Now, I cycle. To be told that your journey time should take 17 mins when in fact it takes nearly three times as long is gutting.  Moreover, the route they tell me to use does not take into account contours, topography, hills!  If I were to take their route I’d be going up and down faster than a newlywed’s nightie.   Actually I’d be going up and down very slowly but the analogy breaks down there.

Anyway, no more whingeing, it’s a great service and  Google will hopefully enable people to build on the service like they do with the US data to create things like mappr

Where would BBC data ‘fit’ in such a service?  What could the BBC offer to a public service geo-location tool…. ?   What other info would you want?  Weather? Civic information? Local events and information?

The sun’s come out again.  Time to move away fromthe screen…

It would seem that Google get their info from Yell so it’s hardly competition.