Murdoch on the offensive

Murdoch starts his move into the online world that he’s so publicly dissed in the past [FT subscription may be req’d].  News Corps purchase of Intermix is a svavy move in my opinion.  Interdix owns MySpace and is one of a growing band of digital / online companies that are almost in the black!  A revenue of $24 million last year and a net loss of $400k come mostly one would think from MySpace ad revenue as it’s the 5th most popular destination amongst people in the US.   MySpace is also quite innovative in terms of the social software offering –  ID based ‘spaces’ which link / pull-in information about other interests, people etc. are damn popular.  This purchase certainly makes the market more interesting and potentially allows for user-generated content to be pulled through into Mr Murdoch’s more favoured media – the ‘big screen’.  I wonder if this is part of his plan already?