New Job

I’ve taken a new job.  In Sheffield.  Feels absolutely marvellous to be out of the BBC, not because I didn’t have a great time, but because it seemed to have the consistency of porridge.  Everything seemed to be bureaucratic and slow.   I like the idea of being accountable and responsible and having to justify myself.  Quickly.  For how long I don’t know but it’s sharpened me up.   I’m also aware of how arrogant I’d become, assuming the BBC knows best.  And that isn’t true.  Anyway, for the record I’m now  some Assistant Planning Director bod at a marketing agency where I hope to make a difference… and it’s fun. 

This means I may be ditching technogoggles.  It was meant to be my [social] take on a fast changing technical environment.. hmm.  Anyway, I feel perhaps another identity is required to talk about other, less technical media related stuff.  I like Angry Hippy because I seems a paradox, an oxymoron and I like them.  In fact I am a bit of an angry hippy…  let me know if i’m being a pretencious geeky t%*t or if you are so utterly bored by this drivel you’d rather I just
disappear altogether.


Ben’s reaction?  To hack my employer’s site.  Thanks!  I’m not going to show the hack because that’s bad…