Spatial formations

 My usual fascination with all things spatial has been satiated for today.  Just seen the BBC Streets of Cardiff project which has a  nice Google map type app, though it’s somewhat counterintuitive in its navigation.  It weaves in some good naratives from users – though it takes you to a flat page for the content rather than have it to hand on the same interface as the map.  Such user-generated content should perhaps be drawn in dynamically – it would feel much fresher.  Gripes over – it’s good stuff.

Secondly, and a more tangetially is the work by the Office for Subversive Architecture who aim to change  our experience of ‘the urban’, disorietating our ingrained sensibilities of what it means to live the city.  Through the lens of a periscope in a submarine in Bristol, a small house on top of a roof in East London that you can’t access and a more blatant kind of PR stunt to promote Hoegarden in London and Manchester