Event marketing courtesy of flickr app

A cafe in amsterdam allowing customers to pull up flickr tags by sms using a neat flickr app and then they’re displayed on screens around the cafe together with the tag.  Great.  An extension of the "sms walls" from a few years ago.  It works especially well in Restaurant 11 in Amsterdam because the place is vast and the images are humungous.  I looked into doing something similar to this at the BBC with an outside event but unfortunately Flickr and its open API weren’t around.  As Adpulp state, designing experiences that brings the ‘virtual’ into the physical social network / space you are now in has so much potential for event marketing.  I’m sure festivals are ripe for this kind of thing and wouldn’t it be great if it could somehow be games based…  either in the form of finding people, or a ‘clue’ to get you to action something, allowing a narrative or narratives to develop.