Beer Mat Marketing

  Originally uploaded by JamesB.

Part of a beer mat marketing exercise I saw whilst in north Wales on Pauls’ stag do.  The beer mat is pushing a new programme ‘A470’ [a road that cuts across Wales] on S4C [Welsh Channel 4].  The flip side of the mat is here

I like it – the illustration is great.  I wish I’d kept the whole set of characters.  It has added resonance because I got hideously lost on the A470 and resorted to asking strangers directions in the dark – only to get more lost.  It’s weird in north Wales.

Blurb from the SC4 site:

This is a story of Sion and Kate, two eighteen year olds. They meet on Rhyl beach and find out that they share the same teenage fears and doubts. Their depression and suicidal thoughts bring them together. But they also become friends.

Instead of killing themselves they decide to travel around Wales searching for the answer to the eternal questions, what is the reason for live [sic] and for living. They meet many members of mad Welsh ‘tribes’, Goths, Farmers, Students, Christians, they all offer an answer. But will Kate and Sion find the answer that the are looking for?

Lordy – this is hilarious – "instead of killing themselves" 2 kids go round asking goths the key questions of life! Surely death would be preferable? I wish this programme were available in English.