Butts Out


Cigarette butts are bad:

  • 120 tons of cigarette litter are discarded on our streets every day      
  • In the UK , Cigarettes account for over 40% of street litter – globally it is around 50%
  • It takes ONE SECOND
    to drop a cigarette butt – assuming it took the same time to pick it up
    again – it would take one person, working 8 hours a day, nearly 20 YEARS to collect the estimated 200 million cigarette butts that are thrown away each day in the UK.
  • An estimated 4.5 trillion butts are littered worldwide every year [source: encams]

How do you stop people littering? 

There are two products on the market now that aim to do that: the stubbi [above] and butts out [below].  Both are "portable ashtrays" retailing at £2 and £1 respectively.  Don’t you just love the way that Butts Out is designed as a butt?  Aside from the design issues [hard plastic susceptible to breaking etc.] and stubbi’s almost purse
like appeal it is surely a big ask to get someone to put their dead
ciggies in a pouch to dispose of later.  It’s going to hum! 



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