WOMMA is interesting – The Word of Mouth Marketing Association.  Word of Mouth advertising – the kind of marketing as conversation thing that’s been doing the rounds for what seems like ages now and fits in neatly with the move to Long Tail blah blah, web as platform and even the Architecture of Participation – and just seems plain common sense to anyone plugged into www: honesty, trasparency, good products and engagement with the customer.   WOMMA have a seminar coming up in NYC on the 28th at which Seth God [like] in is speaking, and should be good.  Anyone want to spot me the airfare?  Please?

Anywhows, I like their image, above and the whole sentiment behind it.  But has anyone thought that people, me included, actually like to be treated as brainless and gullible sometimes?  The image on the left looks a bit intense doesn’t it?  Whereas the image on the right…


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