Yahoo’s media strategy: war as entertainment

Link: Chat From the War Zone – Los Angeles Times.

Never mind instant search, a far more interesting development is content.  Yahoo’s! content strategy grows up, or does it?  In the move to create their own original content rather than syndicating that of others Yahoo! have  ‘aquired’ a leading US reporter Kevin Sites to front a series of reports from war zones around the world entitled "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone".  Hilarious!  If it weren’t actually a very serious tip of a media strategy iceberg to global domination. 

Kevin Sites, who stirred international debate by filming a Marine
shooting a wounded Iraqi in a Fallouja mosque last fall, will spend the
next year reporting from nearly three dozen war zones across the globe.

In an Internet-age twist on the nightly news report, on Sept.
26 he will begin filing video, audio and text dispatches to Yahoo News
each day and hold live chat and videoconferencing sessions from the
world’s most brutal conflicts.

As a media consultant in the same article states:

[the programme] "seems to have all the elements that would be appealing to the millennial generation for which Yahoo is so popular."

This is what should be called the doom effect.  We’re doomed!

via: John Battelle