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Link: Guardian Unlimited | Arts news | Arctic Monkeys climbing high – thanks to the net.

I’m only mentioning this because it concerns Sheffield.  And I’m now warming to the place having been here 3 months and want to BIG IT UP.

Anyway, the Grauniad and Demos alerted me to the tale of the Artic Monkeys a band from Sheffield who until the 17th of this month [Oct.] hadn’t released a single but due to the power of their live act and buzz generated about them on t’internet they played to an audience of over 2000 in London @ The Astoria on the 6th with tickets trading at 10* face value.  The audience even knew the words of the their forthcoming single and sang along. 

Their gigs are all sold out and doesn’t even have any of their tunes to stream yet – so I don’t even know if their any good [though I’m hoping some .alt fan might lend me the sounds – usenet still lives you know]! The lack of anything substantive makes the hype around this band all the more intriguing [although I seem to remember the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs having a similar buzz and that soon died when people could actually hear their songs and realised they were pretty shit average].   

Anyway, word of mouth is so much stronger on the net innit.  And all good things come out of Sheffield don’t you know… "pass it on"… 😛

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