My Wife Is Making Love To Me In The Supermarket

reasons that she researches their [family] preferences and equally that she then tries
to improve upon them are the same. Both
are assumed by her to represent the outcome of a responsibility so basic that
it does not need to be made explicit or reflected upon. In short, her shopping
is primarily an act of love, that in its daily conscientiousness becomes one of
the primary means by which relationships of love and care are constituted by
practice. That is to say, shopping does
not merely reflect love, but it is a major form in which this love is
manifested and reproduced. This is what
I mean to imply when I say that shopping in supermarkets is commonly an act of
making love. [Daniel Miller: A Theory of Shopping]

I like Danny Miller’s work around materiality [the study of material things and our relationships with them].  A can of baked beans isn’t just a can of baked beans.  It’s foreplay!  Gives a new angle to the reproduction of space….