Batelle on Start the Week

Link: BBC Radio 4 – Start the Week – 21 November.

What does the world want? According to JOHN BATTELLE, the company which knows the answer to that question is Google. Not only is the search engine now the gateway to so much of our knowledge but, in a world where every click can be preserved for ever and tells someone, somewhere, what you want, companies like Google are changing more than technology and the workplace: they’re transforming our way of life …

Start the Week is on a good vein of form lately – and I’m liking Andrew Marr a lot.  This week he had John Battelle discussing search [obviously] libertarianism, the Patriot Act and your rights i.e. links are still not defined as private information so the US government can find out what you have been searching for and Google is not able to tell you that this is being done.  All good stuff but made so much better for having a mix of other non-techy guests there.  In getting bright people thinking about subjects outside of their speciailism you get interesting, new avenues of thought.

This is exactly the kind of programming that would work with Tom’s audio annotation-wiki.