George Orwell was generally spot on about most things.  Take advertising:

Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket

No argument from me there.   Which is why myself and Paul Stallard  have tried to deflect some of our own guilt from working in an industry that seeks to explore  exploit every habit and need [and create a few of its own] for mostly unscrupulous suits, under the auspices of being creative, by taking an ‘ironic turn’ and calling our new marketing blog stickrattling [Atom; RSS].  Expect swill for a while.  Swill that hopefully over time will produce huge fattened swine to slaughter and … where i’m going with this metaphor?  Won’t affect the posts here, mores-the-pity.  They’ll keep coming, free of the need to contain marketing guff. 

note: thanks to Ben for hosting  :-)

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