Moyles on My Space

Thirty minutes into my daily commute this morning I realised that Edward Stourton wasn’t informing me of the news agenda on BBC Radio 4 but rather Chris Moyles was uttering inane gobbledygook.  It took me thirty minutes to realise someone had reset the car radio from Radio 4 to Radio 1.  Thirty minutes!


There was one interesting thing to come out of this babble which was that Moyles is using MySpace to connect to:
"… would be happy seeing some hot chicks! Really – only hot people get in"
Par for the course with Moyles.  But it’s significant in the sense that he really is connecting with his audience on their terms, using their medium of choice, albeit in a rather tongue in cheek way.  You certainly get a better sense of the man on myspace than on Radio1’s own site Aled, who works on the show [and from what I heard was the best thing about it], seems to be making the most of his position to network – he has 2306 ‘friends’.