Come, hang out, talk, be my friend, do stuff

It’s [tech] conference walla season again.  And people are getting all hippy about it.  Even Metcalfe and Coates [and I single them out because I like offending them and also because I can’t be arsed to find other people to back up my flimsy argument rant] are getting into the sandal wearing brotherly love thing and making a big call to meet up with people, to do ‘neat’ things and generally hang out with the tech people and talk revolution, albeit a corporatised one involving lots of cappucino. 

I thought this kind of "be my friend" posturing was beaten out of people at school.  If not then there’s a definite argument for re-introducing it, even formally as part of the curriculum.  The irony is [and I’m sure there are many] that these liberal techy types are the those who’ve created a whole behavioural language, along with Goths and pubescent teenagers [and the occasional uncle], from their social absurdity, their awkwardness.  And yet put a few together, give them a sniff of someone as socially stiff as themselves and they act like it’s a fucking global commune.

You can see it annoys me.  Of course I’d be saying exactly the same thing if I were in the West Coast sipping coffee and pretending to be a player whilst espousing all kinds of profanities about the links between classic Greek philosophy and the concept of friendship [BBC, In Our Time download MP3] and developments in social networking.  <no, really>.  I was actually going to post something serious about this but found myself distracted by bitterness.

Anyway, should any non-techy pretty people want to meet up, I’ll be on the Jamestrain from Sheffield to Manchester tomorrow then wandering around looking for a purpose for a while then I’ll be back in Sheffield in a really far out steel mill industrial area til 6ish and then doing some real crazy shit whilst I commute home to watch linear TV.  Come on let’s hang out, do stuff.  Email me.  Cool.  Yeah!

  1. There are those of us who yearn to acquire the skills and cultural capital you acquired at that burnley finishing school for disciplined and upstanding young men. It has instilled many fine virtues. I’m not sure that green envy is one of them. Play nicely.

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