If humans were ‘managed’ by others in the way that we manage animals would we be culled?

I ask because the world populaton just hit 6.5 billion and is increasing albeit at a slower rate of growth.  5 billion of that 6.5 billion happened in the last 100 years.  That’s quite staggering.  Had elephants, seals, rabbits, foxes or well, anything had such growth it would have been pruned back very very hard.   I’m not saying that the politics of population growth are simple, just that well, we’d be dust if we were ‘managed’ on the same basis as other mammals.

  1. Bit of a silly thing to say if you ask me because us being ‘managed’ and us being able to expand as a population are mutually exclusive.

    It’s only because we’ve evolved the intelligence to manage other species and the environment that we’re able to grow as fast as we have. If there was some other species ‘managing’ us then we’d be competing with them for food and resources and so the population growth rate would be completely different.

    Obviously, I’m taking this a bit to far and missing your point, but it’s interesting. Under normally ecosystems, populations manage themselves.

  2. hi frankie – fair point. though i’m not sure populaton growth and species ‘management’ are mutually exclusive – we just don’t manage our ‘ecosystem’ very effectively.

    You’re right it’s not perhaps the very intelligent thing to state. but justifying a moral and ethical position [to cull animals to manage their ecosystem] on the basis of our superior intellect is undermined when that superior intellect manages to make such a mess of their own ‘ecosystem’.

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