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I’m mostly living at Stickrattling which was meant to be a place to post the odd ditty about advertising and planning type stuff but has become well, a home of sorts.   In particular my attempt at Russell Davies’ Planning School of the Web exercise 7 set by the uber smart Grant McCracken has been fun, that and engaging with some of The John Grant’s stuff which is proper head food.  Anyway, don’t all dash at once otherwise the whole web-o-world would collapse.  Technogoggles still has a role, serving up kiddy pics and family banality with the odd blindingly brilliant bit if insight 😉

And, while you’re still reading, I’m still struggling with this joined-up-web business.  Why oh why oh why is it so difficult to create a truly semantic web?  Clever people I used to work with promised me it would happen and it would be the saviour of humanity – some democratising panacea.  FOAF seems to have died on its arse, or at least stayed as niche as it ever was.  Co-comment is a truly partial tool, useful to follow where I’ve posted but not much else. And to make value from the network from this whole point-at-thing web and the shadows or traces of use [via jones], kind of depends on a simple way to see who is saying what, where.  Otherwise we’re all talking at the wall, rather than each other, pointing at things not knowing who or what else is pointing back.  Perhaps that’s no bad thing, I mean, we’d have to entertain the notion that no-one else really gives a shit at all. That it’s all been for nothing and everyone is down the pub. 

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  1. hi james

    lets all get together soon.

    since i’m outnumbered by sheffield people, shall we do it there?

    i’m in sheffield a fair bit, so early evening, early august would be great. what do you think?

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