Camp Origami

Camp Origami, originally uploaded by JamesB.

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Camping. The surge of popularity for sleeping under the stars and getting closer to nature fits so well with the move toward inconspicuous consumption, our desire to get closer to a sense of ‘reality’, an affordable authentic, even an aesthetic. Hell, if Chang Mai is now a simulacra of what Westerners see as ‘Asia’ and as commercial and tacky as Weston-Super-Mare then where else do we go? Search ever harder for the unexplored or just turn the experience itself and what we make of it.

Camping has come a long way since Nuts in May and that parody of middle England in a sleeping bag where our national diffidence was so starkly exposed. Now camping reinforces our fair-trade credentials and our confidence in doing things for ourselves and creating our own experiences. This Origami set is perhaps very epitome of that back-to-basics do-it-yourself chic. Where next though? How far can this meme, this activity ‘go’?