Not-so-random-flickr: Explicit IA

3 modes, originally uploaded by JamesB.

known item; browse/exploratory and don’t know what you need to know? 
The thing is it’s all well and good them making these things explicit but shouldn’t the bookmarks actually be a driver for enquiring, reading or discovering rather than just stating that’s what libraries are there to cater for?  Still, I think they’re pretty.  Would make a good IA geeks T-shirt.

On the subject of IA DonnaM has a good presentation [with audio] around Lakoff’s Women, Fire and Dangerous Things which is so powerful [but weighty and pretty dry] on ‘categories’ and the way they define our existence.  Slide 7 makes me think that the TV programme Family Fortunes is probably Lakoff’s least likely cultural signifier for this sort of categorisation but probably the most obvious.


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