Planning coffee morning in Sheffield on Tues 7pm

In London Russell et al do coffee at 7am.  Further North planners gather for beer at a rather more amenable 7pm. The sporadic Northern planning Summit is this Tues at 7pm starting in Runaway Girl, Sheffield.  Andrew, Gemma, Rob, Joel are booked [and their agents paid handsomely] and are probably practising their lines now in preparation for the night.   Should you wish to come please do.  For those coming from further afield  and needing accomodation I have a tent, a settee [posh couch] or both for you to make use of [breakfast not included].  In the unlikely event you’re coming from
down South, please flatten your vowels or you won’t get in. x


Pleasant night.  Andrew has a resume here.   He forgets to  mention  the later conversation about the  effects of chlorine on the swimmers ageing process.  Andrew looks distinguished beyond his years as a result of pounding the pool from an early age.  And as any teenager will tell you peroxide makes your hair fall out. So here we have a potential legal action on the scale of tobacco [nearly..] for all those bald men who swim a lot. 

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  1. I forgot to commend you on the sharpness of your wit Mr B. It’s good to note that there’s no nood to sue your brood since your own appearance could have been the inspiration for Dorian Gray. If were in your shoes, I’d be checking the mirror for the first crack in your Peter Pan -like exterior and preparing to sue the department of transport for incomprehensible road planning at the first sign of crows feet.

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