If businesses were run…


… like bands they’d be a lot better.  Most businesses are just inherently dull, a product of inertia, risk aversion, process, beaurocracy and politics.  Most business books are rubbish, one thought extended to death.  If businesses were more like bands the world would be better.  And if business books were more like comics they’d be way better. Trust me. There’d be no end to world poverty or social inequality but they’d be better, more dynamic, more interesting, more fluid and .. just better places to work and to work with.  This rant was sparked by seeing LOVE the other day who are , to me, like a band and how fresh and exciting that was.  Made me think about how I came up with Rattle, which was a compromise from some quirkier names [angry hippy being one] and how I settled on Rattle because people said it was more grown up, serious etc. and that that was good.  When actually I’m not sure clients / people want grown up and serious and self-conciously businesslike.  They want something more distinctive and honest and fun and raw.   

As a start I think I’m changing names to The Rattles. It’s pretty dumb but I like it.

Saw Andrew today in our communal office in Borders off the M62.   If  he were in a band he’d be the  keyboard player in a post-new wave act in spangly leotard.   What would they be called…?

–> Cassette courtesy of  says-it

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  1. The leotard would be leopord print. The name would either be Living on a Prayer, or Nowhere Fast. Both great songs from the eighties and a metaphor for your soon to legendary sense of direction;-)

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