A mirror

There are heap of video playouts now.  What I quite like about is that it takes the idea of presence further than its peers by hooking into your AV straight away and recording.  It’s a [all too] simple process. And judging from the featured material on the site it produces quite unreflexive, more immediate encounters with fellow global citizens.  This is a mirror.  <Hello foreign man singing>. And it’s all so refreshingly basic which won’t help when it comes to create data that’s social but it makes for a far more pleasant visual experience.  Is anyone else tired of web2.0 publishing ‘features’?  When do these ‘features’ become pretty lame marketing gizmo’s? I mean I understand the appeal of embedding metadata in the web around an object but I also understand the egotistical affordance of button-mania, like badges on the laptop of a die-hard loser.  Like the Groucho Marx quote, being a member of a club that would have me [and the rest of the world] as a member isn’t that enticing.