This is one of my favourite ads. ‘Ad’ doesn’t really do it justice.  It’s one minute of film. One of the reasons I think it works is because they’ve actually folded the perceived negative aspects of gaming such as violence and sex into positive virtues of life, experience and learning.  In other words it ain’t the media so much as what we do with it that matters; how we interpret, play, create.  And the other reason is because it’s so moving because it’s about imagination and the power of dreams :) And it reminds me that we have such a janus-faced view of technological culture.  We see it as contrasts, either as liberating or repressive, bad or good, enlightening or ‘shrinking’.  When of course it’s all of these things and none of them depending on  how we relate to it.  A progressive critique wouldn’t talk of morals but of effects which is inherently messier but far more interesting and personal.  This ad kind of embodies that approach for me: dubious virtue.