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Am in Newcastle at Thinking Digital today and tomorrow (thanks RIG) hoping to see Tara Shears from CERN / Large Hadron Collider, and Dan Lyons (should be fun) and a heap of others mostly drawn from the non-web.  I’m hoping to meet a few ‘doers’ too.  There are enough talkers on the conference circuit.  Shame it co-incides with FutureSonic as I’d like to have seen Adam Greenfield talk.  Hey ho.

It’s also an opportunity to digest a heap of stuff that I’ve been reading and trying to make sense of like probability theory and randomness and how that’s useful in presenting information and actually, designing services; search and particularly support for ‘browse’ behaviour (as Muddy, Rattle’s new product prepares for launch this is a big deal) and the stuff coming out of searchology; and getting up-to-speed with domain driven design.  I’m also excited about receiving a copy of the Schulze and Webb horizonless map which has made me wonder (and S&W always make me wonder) about ‘seeing’ and using Sky Map has made the idea of representing things you’re currently looking at, even more exciting.  For example, I’m a bit short sighted and I don’t like glasses (taking them on and off in different contexts bugs me – where do you put ’em?) and hate thought of contact lenses scratching my retina, so when I need to see things far away I often use my mobile phone camera / camera.  It brings things into focus.  It’s my better eyes.  But It’d be nice to overlay that “better eyes” view with a point-of-focus where other elements in the frame go out of focus, like peripheral vision, they bend and morph around a focal point not unlike the horizonless map of a fish eye lens (thought the distortion on the ‘centre’).  Just a thought.

Anyway, if you’re at #tdc do say hello.

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