Chromaroma is made for Skiing Or, Design Around Existing Behaviours

Chromaroma tries to facilitate a game-like behaviour on traveling from one part of London to another, something that you’re able to affect only to a limited degree (you’re dependent more on the transport network). It tries to do this by focusing on teams as much as individuals and in this sense it runs up against existing embdeed behaviour, which just doesn’t work like that. Skiing on the other hand tends to be done in small groups, or teams, you decide where to ski and more-often-than-not there’s a value in getting down the pistes as quickly as you can. Moreover, there’s a social value in seeing your activity in map form, with stories about where you went, who was quickest (and slowest), distance traveled and check-ins to hard pistes (via the chairlift or bubble or poma) being a principle way in which your peer group story their vacation. A beautiful dashboard of yours and your groups activity would be social object gold.

Because of the sparcity of information and the social value inherent in knowing, a version of Chromaroma in ski reports could effect behaviour change, by driving people to under-utilised pistes, improve on times taken to make it down a piste, or perhaps just see where you’ve been. It’s basically supporting the inherent gameiness of the group sport. And as the industry is estimated to be worth around 6 billion Euros annually in France alone, you can see potential for local classified revenue through the game, “beat today’s distance traveled on the Lac Bleau piste and win lunch at La Raclette”.

Designing around existing behaviour and values is easier than trying to create them anew. Just a thought.

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  1. You are right of course.
    and we presented this both to Nokia Push who are working with Burton on a number of Snowboard/Skiing data projects,
    and at a hack thing at SXSW last year.

    the tricky bits it turns out are rfid readers.
    did you know that the most ski passes already have rfid chips in them.

    we even designed dashboards, and more importantly souvenirs to give to skiiers on their return
    here are your visulisations, your “data” – records – fastest run from you friends – even most points – with a gyro we could do most air.

    so if anyone knows anyone in the ski resort business, lets do it.
    James is right and this could be brilliant

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